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 Shakyra Lawson LCSW Timeless Therapeutic Services

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You are now embarking on the initial phase of a restorative journey.

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It can be tough to take a leap and find the right person to accompany you on this path to change.

Whether you’re experiencing extreme sadness, worry, or stressing about finances, actively engaging in therapeutic services can help you cope with life’s challenges in healthy and productive ways.

Forget all of the things you may have heard about what therapy is or is not. Here, you get to shape your experience and gain what you need therapeutically. Check out our services to see what best fits you!

Letter to Clients Timeless Therapeutics


​If you are looking to create a sense of    timeless  well-being, consider booking a consultation for any of the following services:

Timeless Therapeutic Services promotes mental wellness and self-care practices through both unconventional and traditional evidence-based therapies. As a licensed mental health professional, I emphasize the importance of continuity in therapy as well as the benefits of committing to a consistent treatment plan. The mission at Timeless Therapeutic is to provide individuals with the tools and support you need to work through your mental health concerns in a safe and supportive environment.

Enjoy the Moment
Individual Therapy Timeless Therapeutic Services
Personal Finance Coaching
Group Therapy Timeless Therapeutic Services

01. Individual Therapy

02. Mental Wellness Workshops & Retreats

03. Productivity & Personal Finance Coaching

04. Group Therapy


Meet your therapist

Meet Shakyra! Shakyra Lawson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She obtained both her Bachelor and Master of Social Work Degrees from Florida State University. Her experience includes working with children and families as a Behavioral Health Counselor and School Social Worker. She also advocates for adolescent mental health in residential facilities. In her work as a Psychotherapist, Shakyra provided co-parenting therapy, couples counseling, group therapy, as well as individual therapy addressing anxiety, trauma and depression. 

Shakyra Lawson LCSW Timeless Therapeutic Services

Start your journey here.

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