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Ways to work with me.

Timeless Therapeutic Services promotes mental wellness and self-care practices through both unconventional and traditional evidence-based therapies.

The mission at Timeless Therapeutic

The mission at Timeless Therapeutic is to provide individuals with the tools and support you need to work through your mental health concerns in a safe and supportive environment.

As a licensed mental health professional, I emphasize the importance of continuity in therapy as well as the benefits of committing to a consistent treatment plan. 

BIPOC Man Mental Health Timeless Therapeutic Services

One of the wonderful things about being alive is that it's never too late."
-Phyllis A. Whitney

Individual therapy with Timeless Therapeutic Services aims to help people normalize the reality of (y)our hardships. In our therapeutic alliance, we will work to identify a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues while implementing lasting coping skills for your everyday stressors. Individual coaching sessions are tailored to specific pain points, including financial disarray and a decrease in productivity. You are the leader of the sessions; I am merely here to guide you.


“I’m not ready for one-on-one work, but I could use some support from people who are having similar experiences.” 

Support Groups with Timeless Therapeutic can be a valuable tool if you are seeking to cope with particularly difficult life experiences. As a group member, you may benefit from the sense of community that comes with sharing experiences with others who relate to your struggles. You can also gain new insights from the guidance and feedback of a skilled facilitator. Share your thoughts, learn from other's experiences, and receive emotional and practical support.

Woman Breathing Timeless Therapeutic Wellness Retreats

Mental Wellness Workshops and

These days we love an event! Mental wellness workshops are a series of events, but with a purpose. As the world gets more comfortable with openly discussing and learning about mental health, these activities will tailor to specific topics that strengthen our emotional resilience and mental prosperity.


Any upcoming workshops or retreats, virtual or in-person, will be posted below. Check back soon for the next event.

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